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Consuegra Travel Guide

Consuegra (Spain)
Coat of Arms of Consuegra (Spain)

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Coordinates: 39.461944°, -3.606389°

Population: 9,886 inhabitants (2022)

Consuegra is a charming town located in the province of Toledo, in the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha, which is about 130 kilometres south of the city of Madrid.

Consuegra is located in a rural environment of great beauty, surrounded by cultivated fields and hills. It is an enchanting destination that combines history, culture and natural beauty. Its iconic windmills, medieval castle, old town and agricultural tradition make this town a special place for lovers of history, literature and rural tranquillity.

The town stands out for its imposing urban profile, dominated by the emblematic windmills that rise on the hill known as Cerro Calderico. These windmills, which rise majestically over the horizon, are one of the main attractions of Consuegra and constitute a true symbol of the La Mancha region.

The Consuegra windmills are known throughout the world thanks to the literary work of Miguel de Cervantes, "The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha", in which one of the famous encounters of the errant knight takes place in this town.

Consuegra is also known for its agricultural tradition and its wines. Around the town are extensive cultivated lands, where wheat and other typical cereals of the region are produced. In addition, the nearby vineyards give rise to quality wines, which can be tasted at local wineries.
Its history goes back to ancient times. The first traces of human settlements in the area date from the prehistoric period, as evidenced by the archaeological remains found in the surroundings.

However, it was during Roman times when the town became more important. Under Roman rule, Consuegra was an important strategic enclave due to its privileged location on a hill that offered extensive views of the surroundings.

Top 5 places to visit in Consuegra

To learn more about this charming municipality of Toledo, one must visit these five tourist spots:


Windmills (Consuegra - Spain)
The Consuegra Windmills are a set of emblematic buildings that rise on the hill known as Cerro Calderico.

These windmills are one of the main tourist attractions in the region and have become a symbol for the town.

The set consists of 12 windmills, each with its own name and distinctive features. These structures were built in the 19th century, although some may be from the 16th century, being a living testimony to the milling tradition that existed in the region for centuries.
The windmills were used to grind cereals, mainly wheat, taking advantage of the force of the wind. The location of the mills on top of the hill provides impressive views of the town of Consuegra and the surrounding area. From there, one can contemplate the agricultural landscape of the region, with its cultivated fields, vineyards and olive groves.

Consuegra Castle

Consuegra Castle (Spain)
The Castle of Consuegra is a medieval fortress located on the hill of Cerro Calderico. This imposing construction is one of the main tourist attractions in the area and offers a spectacular panoramic view of the town and the surrounding windmills.

The castle has its origins in the 10th century, during the time of Muslim domination. However, it was during the Christian Middle Ages that it became more relevant, with important expansion and fortification works carried out.
The fortress was used as a defensive stronghold to protect the region's territory and trade routes. Its stone walls and defensive towers create an imposing image that evokes the warrior past of the fortress.

Inside, one can visit different rooms, such as the Homage Tower, which offers impressive panoramic views.

Municipal ArchaeologicalMuseum

Don Quixote of La Mancha
The Municipal Museum of Consuegra is a cultural space whose objective is to preserve and disseminate the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of the region. It offers visitors the opportunity to discover and enjoy its cultural richness.

The museum is located in a historic building of great architectural and cultural value. Inside, it houses several exhibition rooms that display a variety of collections and pieces of interest. These exhibits cover different aspects of local history, from archaeology and ethnography to traditional art and crafts.
In the Municipal Museum of Consuegra, one can find archaeological objects dating from prehistory to Roman and Visigoth times. These finds provide information about the human settlements that existed in the region throughout the centuries.

Spain Square

Spain Square (Consuegra - Spain)
Spain Square in Consuegra is a charming public space located in the heart of the town.

This square is one of the most popular meeting points for locals and visitors, as it offers a lively and welcoming atmosphere.

The square is characterized by its traditional design and charming architecture. It is surrounded by historic buildings with picturesque facades and flower-bedecked balconies, giving it a quaint and charming air.
The bright and warm colours of the facades mix with the cheerful atmosphere of the square, creating a picturesque and photogenic setting.

Church of Saint John the Baptist

Church of Saint John the Baptist (Consuegra - Spain)
It is a beautiful Mudejar-style church dating from 1567.

It is a temple with a Latin cross plan built with stone and brick, which has porticoed side entrances.

Inside, it stands out for its two Renaissance portals. In the presbytery, five paintings from the late 17th century by José de Beratón stand out.

Accommodation in Consuegra

Gastronomy in Consuegra

Consuegra's gastronomy is a delicious combination of traditional flavours. In this town, one can find typical dishes that reflect the culinary richness of the area and its native ingredients.

Manchego ratatouille is one of the most popular in Consuegra. It is a mixture of vegetables, such as tomato, peppers, zucchini and aubergine, slow cooked and seasoned with spices. Ratatouille is served as a main dish or as a side dish, and is a healthy and tasty option.
Manchego cheese
Another dish that cannot be missing in Consuegra's gastronomy is Manchego cheese. Made with sheep's milk, this cheese is characterized by its intense flavour and firm texture. It can be enjoyed on its own, with quince or accompanied by other local products, such as sausages or wines from the region.

As for meats, roast lamb is a highly appreciated specialty in Consuegra. This tender and juicy meat is cooked in the oven with spices and aromatic herbs, which give it an exquisite flavour.
Roast lamb is a typical dish for local celebrations and festivities. Of course, we cannot forget to mention the wines from the La Mancha region, which are also an integral part of Consuegra's gastronomy. Manchego wines, made with grapes grown in the area's vineyards, offer a wide variety of flavours and aromas, ranging from robust reds to fresh whites.

Consuegra's gastronomy combines traditional dishes from La Mancha with authentic flavours and local products. From “Miguelitos de La Roda” sweets to roast lamb and Manchego cheese, visitors can enjoy a unique culinary experience while exploring this charming town in the province of Toledo.

Festivals in Consuegra

In Consuegra, various festivities are celebrated throughout the year. Inhabitants and visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture, tradition and festive atmosphere of the town. These parties attract people from all over and offer a unique and exciting experience.

One of the most outstanding festivals in Consuegra is Holy Week. During this religious celebration, processions and liturgical acts that commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are carried out. The streets are filled with fervour and devotion, and the inhabitants actively participate in the various religious activities.
Consuegra Medieval Festival (Spain)
Another important festival is the Consuegra Medieval Festival, which is held on the second weekend of August, and is the commemoration of the battle that took place on August 15, 1097 between the troops of Alfonso VI and the Almoravid troops of Muhamad-ben-al-Hach. This war representation has been held since 1997.

In October, the Saffron Rose Festival is celebrated. The event pays tribute to this precious spice and the tradition of its cultivation in the region.
Durante la fiesta, se realizan actividades relacionadas con el azafrán, como concursos de recolección, exhibiciones, degustaciones y representaciones teatrales en los molinos de viento de Consuegra.

During the festival, saffron-related activities take place, such as harvesting contests, exhibitions, tastings and theatrical performances at the Consuegra Windmills.

In the cultural sphere, the City of Consuegra Music Band Festival is an outstanding event. For several days, concerts and music shows of different genres are held, attracting national and international artists. The event is an opportunity to enjoy music in a unique environment and promote cultural exchange.

In addition to these festivities, Consuegra celebrates sporting events, livestock fairs and other activities throughout the year. These animate the social and cultural life of the town.